Our Story…
Growing up in Harrargie, Ethiopia, Tsehay learned from a young age the art of cooking traditional Ethiopian food. Tsehay, the second oldest daughter of 14, helped her mother in the kitchen by grinding the spice berbere and preparing the meals for her family. With the passing of her father at a young age she became the helping hand in the kitchen and backbone in raising her siblings. As she grew older and could join the work force she began to work with Greek and Japanese immigrants to diversify and further hone her cooking skills and passion for food.
Once married, Tsehay moved to Addis Ababa where she raised her family. After some time her love and passion for food led her to open a successful cafe to support her four children. Tsehay was very involved with the food that came out of her kitchen, she did not purchase spices but instead but made everything by hand. She prided herself in the garden she maintained, always producing fresh fruits and vegetables from her own backyard. She frequently visited the local farmers market to ensure the freshness of every ingredients used to prepare her berbere, kibe and shiro, all key ingredients that define the distinct flavors of Ethiopian cuisine. All while continuing the tradition of teaching her own daughters the fine art of spice making and cooking. “slit down, peel all the garlic, shave the garlic, lay it out to dry with black seed, and then grind,” Selam fondly recalls.
Selam has studied and admired her mother’s strength, work and dedication to her craft from childhood and into adulthood, she is grateful to now share it with the world. As a dedication to Tsehay, the restaurant will put the same love and passion into every dish we send out of the kitchen.

Hours of Operation

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